Leticia Bufoni’s Backyard Skatepark Is A Dream 😍 | Red Bull Backyards

Take a tour of pro skater Leticia Bufoni’s backyard skatepark 😎. If you ever dreamed of having your own backyard skatepark, then Leticia Bufoni’s is one you should totally try and copy. From winning some of the best skate competitions in the world to training at home, check out a behind the scenes look into […]

Leticia Bufoni 2020 | ” Strong Sessions ”

São Paulo might be a hotbed of Brazilian skating today, but Letícia Bufoni was on her own when she began skateboarding there at age nine. “In my neighbourhood, I was the only girl skating,” she says. “Then I started to go to skateparks and I met some girls in Brazil that skated. Then after, maybe […]

Leticia Bufoni: BEING | World of X Games

From a young age, Leticia Bufoni knew what she wanted to do: be a pro skateboarder. From humble beginnings in Brazil, Bufoni practiced hard and developed her skills into one of the most well-rounded competitive street skateboarders in the world. Now, her sights are set on the next level of professional skateboarding: competitive domination. — […]

The Best of | Leticia Bufoni | 2020

The women’s skateboard from Brazil has reached the stage of excellence that it has today, known as one of the powerhouses of the sport in the world, much because of Letícia Bufoni. She broke the boundaries of the sport for women, when they still said they could not skate. At the age of nine, seeing […]

The Best of | Leticia Bufoni | 2019

Best Of Tricks | Leticia Bufoni Goofy, Age 26, Sao Paulo BRA Brazil, Americas Region Instagram: @leticiabufoni Sponsors/Shouts Nike SB, Red Bull, Oi, Petrobras, GoPro, Grizzly, Plan B, Bones Wheels, Toyota, Beats by Dre.

Leticia Bufoni | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 151

Leticia Bufoni discusses growing up in São Paulo Brazil, moving to California at age 14, filming for the Osiris video “Children Of The Revolution”, getting on Nike SB, turning pro for Plan B Skateboards, posing nude for the ESPN Body issue, getting knocked out at Street League, her fascination with skydiving, having a skatepark in […]


LETICIA BUFONI’S PRIVATE BACKYARD SKATE PARK We got to visit pro skateboarder Leticia Bufoni’s private skate park in her back yard. Leticia Bufoni was nice enough to have us as guests at her house. She gave us a full house tour, and we got to have a super fun skate session at her private skate […]